June 29, 2023

Addicus Consulting Group Welcomes Matt Cotter

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June 29, 2023 (Atlanta, GA) – Addicus has hired seasoned veteran Matt Cotter to serve as Director of Relationship Management for its tax consulting unit, Addicus Consulting Group (“ACG”). He brings 14 years of experience providing tax services to a broad variety of clients, from large multinational public companies to privately and closely held businesses

At Addicus, Matt's primary role involves nurturing and managing client relationships, as well as leading the development of new and unique investment opportunities. He is committed to understanding each client's unique needs and providing tailored solutions to help them navigate the often complex world of finance and taxation. In addition to his role in ACG, Matt is serving as the Project Manager for the Main Street Solar Fund I.

The Addicus Consulting Group was formed to be the combined strategic intelligence center and tactical execution arm for clients. As such, members of the Consulting Group team identify opportunities, develop plans, present options, and execute approved initiatives – enabling clients to spend their time focusing on their day-to-day business objectives instead of trying to orchestrate their complicated financial lives.

“Matt brings a breath of tax expertise to our firm as we continue to focus on providing our clients with innovative financial solutions to their complex needs. It is critical that our clients understand the tax implications to financial and business decisions they make on a daily basis,” said Andrew Adams, Chief Enterprise Architect of Addicus.

“I was drawn to Addicus by the synergies in the business units and how tax plays a role within each of the lines of businesses. Addicus is a world-class family office dedicated to the financial well-being of the families we serve, and I am excited to assist them with their tax and structuring needs.” said Matt Cotter.

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Addicus is a private wealth management, investment banking, private equity, and tax consulting firm based in Oxford, MS. The world-class investors and advisors at Addicus combine superior financial expertise with an unmatched inventiveness and a ceaseless passion to discover. They are compelled to create opportunities and solutions based on innovative ideas that are aligned with, and in the spirit of, the entrepreneurs and self-made people who make up the clients they serve.


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