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Main Street Solar Fund

The Main Street Solar Funds allow accredited investors with ordinary passive income to invest in renewable energy for an immediate return of capital and profits through tax credits and depreciation benefits while owning all of the project economics.

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Your Wealth, Your Choice

The dollars that can be deployed into Main Street Solar Fund are already dedicated to pay tax liability owed against taxable passive income. That means those dollars are already spoken for, so a prospective investor has two choices:

Option 1

Pay your entire tax liability to the IRS

Option 2

Make an investment in renewable energy to offset a substantial portion of your passive income tax liability and keep the remainder

A New Way to Turn Tax Liability into Growth Has Arrived

Main Street Solar Fund

How It Works

Earn a return on your tax dollars by investing in the fund.

The fund will use the capital from investors to purchase solar projects.

Those solar projects provide a return via tax credits, tax losses in the form of bonus depreciation, and cash distributions from the sale of power.

The fund’s holding period is a range of 5-7 years.

what is passive income?

Passive income is income generated from an activity or business where you are not a material participant in the business, i.e., at least 500 hours worked in the business/activity. Main Street Solar Fund is designed to offset passive income, since the fund will generate passive losses from depreciation and passive intangible tax credits. Examples of passive income include:

Private investING

real estate

Leasing Income

A Proven Tax Strategy for Fortune 500 Companies: Now Yours

Fortune 500 companies have been investing to offset their tax liability for decades by making strategic investments into renewable energy projects. It’s a proven strategy with both short-term and long-term benefits. And now, it’s finally available to individuals like you.

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frequently asked questions

This opportunity is available to investors who currently pay taxes on ordinary passive income.

This opportunity allows investors to earn a return on the money they would otherwise use to pay their Federal tax liability by redirecting a portion of their tax payments to instead participate in Main Street Solar Fund. In exchange they will receive both Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITCs) and depreciation which reduce their income tax liability by an amount greater than the upfront investment in year one, as well as receive cash flow from the sale of power. Investors also directly support the creation of additional renewable energy capacity through their participation in the Main Street Solar Fund which uses raised capital to purchase renewable energy projects.

The Main Street Solar Fund pools investor capital which it uses to purchase solar projects that are eligible for Federal renewable energy incentives in the form of tax credits, and those credits are then passed through to investors along with depreciation and cash flow from the sale of power.

Investors have two choices: Do nothing and pay the taxes due on their ordinary passive income, or use some of the dollars which would otherwise be spent paying their taxes to invest in this fund. The latter choice will reduce their taxes and give them a year one return of approximately $1.25 for every dollar invested.

Within the first year, investors receive a return on their money in the form of tax savings by reducing their taxable income with losses from depreciation and reducing their tax liability dollar-for-dollar with tax credits. Investors will receive all of their tax credits and a majority of the depreciation in the first year, meaning they are net cash positive and able to realize the bulk of their return within the first 12 months.

As with any investment, there are some risks. However, the Main Street Solar Fund has several safeguards in place for investors. Please read the PPM for a detailed discussion of risks, and as with all investment decisions, investors should consult with their tax advisors to understand how this investment aligns with their individual tax situation.

Investors are required to make a 5-year commitment and cannot sell or transfer their ownership during the life of the fund.

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