About Addicus

The Family Office Built for Wealth Creators Like You

At Addicus, our world-class team of financial experts ensures the wealth you’ve worked hard to create is working its hardest for you. Creating a plan to develop your Family Wealth Enterprise is how we begin.

A Better Way to Maximize Your Wealth

Your Family Wealth Enterprise, as developed by Addicus, will align your businesses, assets, liabilities, and investments in a more comprehensive, thoughtfully developed way than other firms may be willing or able to provide.

What’s more, our complete ecosystem of financial services ensures your assets are optimized, your investment opportunities are advantaged, and options for growing or selling your business (and other complex assets) are developed to ensure greatest profit capture.

This is how wealth creates.

Our Approach

Your Financial “Conductor”

Beginning day one, your Addicus team will help get your arms fully around your financial life – including your relationships with other advisors, attorneys, bankers, and accountants. It’s a reason more than one client has called us their “financial conductor” (and we’re perfectly fine with you referring to us that way).

When you combine the inventiveness that drives our culture, the considerable resources we provide on your behalf, and how our Addicus family treats your family, you can be confident we are always focused on growing and protecting your wealth.

Our Mission

To grow and protect your wealth, so that you and future generations can enjoy the success you’ve worked so intently to build.

Our Promise

By working with Addicus, and our next generation Family Office approach, you can be sure you’re with a firm that will:

Provide transparency and structure to your FWE for maximum financial efficiency and minimum liability exposure

Work and integrate with your current external firms, tax advisors, attorneys, service providers and consultants

Devise options to manage, optimize, and maximize illiquid holdings

Protect your wealth by strategically evaluating tax and fee or cost structures

Develop strategies to protect your assets and ensure you can enjoy and distribute your wealth based on your wishes

Establish succession and continuity plans for your businesses and the FWE as a whole

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