April 3, 2023

Addicus Unveils New Branding and The Philosophy Behind It

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April 3, 2023 (Oxford, MS) – Addicus, a private wealth management, investment banking, private equity, and tax consulting firm based in Oxford, MS, today unveiled its new branding and the philosophy behind it. The branding includes a new website at addicusadvisors.com, logo, look and positioning as captured in its philosophy of “Wealth Creates.”

In a world in which there has been a commodification of virtually all industries, including financial services, clients and prospective clients need to know more than what a company does, they need to know the “why,” a company does it.

The world-class investors and advisors at Addicus combine superior financial expertise with an unmatched inventiveness and a ceaseless passion to discover. They are compelled to create opportunities and solutions based on innovative ideas that are aligned with, and in the spirit of, the entrepreneurs and self-made people who make up the clients they serve. The why behind Addicus is centered in a belief that wealth empowers, drives, changes, advances, facilitates, improves, benefits, fosters, cultivates, strengthens, encourages, develops, grows, provides, and most of all creates. It is a firm with a foundational philosophy that Wealth Creates.

“Our clients are entrepreneurs, first- and second-generation business owners, medical professionals, and families/business owners/investors who have already achieved immense success. They have a restlessness and action-oriented focus that is different than what the commoditized financial services firms are designed to serve,” said Drew Adams, Chief Enterprise Architect. “We understand they are often frustrated with other traditional financial and professional services firms for not being innovative enough, understanding where the success is born from, and for lacking the knowledge and curiosity to serve them and fully embrace both their sensibility and the possibilities they represent.”

That unfilled position in the marketplace is where Addicus steps in and is the reason for the rebranding. Addicus exists so that every first- and second-generation wealth creator who wants to ensure the wealth they’ve created is working its smartest and hardest to support their ideas and intentions has a firm that is purpose-built for them. They deserve a firm with the expertise, services, and passion to maximize their success.

Addicus private wealth management, investment banking, private equity, and tax consulting expertise is offered in four primary services areas. Private Wealth. Capital Advisors. Private Equity. Consulting Group.

Adams additionally pointed out that to ensure the wealth that Addicus’ clients have worked hard to create continues to work for them means all their businesses, assets, liabilities, and investments must work in alignment.

“The Addicus next-generation family office approach makes this happen through the bespoke way we plan each unique Family Wealth Enterprise (FWE),” explained Stephen Miles, Chief Global Strategist. “A FWE includes an ecosystem of services that, individually and in combination, will be required during different points throughout each individual wealth creation lifecycle.”

Each client’s current assets are organized and optimized, investment opportunities are advantaged and aligned with objectives, and options for growing or selling a business or other complex assets is developed to ensure maximum net profit capture.

Addicus offers offices in Oxford, Tupelo and Jackson, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama; Newtown, Connecticut; and Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on Addicus, its products, philosophy, management team and locations, visit addicusadvisors.com. 


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