3rd Quarter 2023

Basic Materials Market Update

Basic Materials
Capital Advisors

  • Green chemistry is driving the adoption of sustainable practices in the chemical industry. Manufacturers are installing recycling technologies, enhancing waste management, and moving to alternative energy resources to meet environmental regulations and reduce their environmental impact
  • The expansion of commercial & residential construction sectors is a major factor in the market growth for construction materials. Construction companies are increasing their capital investments and putting more of a focus on higher-quality operations and R&D projects in order to meet client demands
  • Demand for most minerals is projected to be high in order to achieve the energy transition. The shift to renewable energy and electric vehicles is creating a surge in demand for metals such as copper, lithium, and cobalt. These metals are essential components of batteries, solar panels, and other renewable energy technologies
  • Inclusion of technologies, such as Al, smart sensors and big data to analyze and optimize is transforming the forest products business. These technologies study the quality of paper pulp during the production process and take necessary actions as per preset conditions. Big data is also employed to study the relation between supply and demand and help the company forecast its next strategies

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